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The Imperial College PhD Scholarship Scheme offers an outstanding opportunity for potential PhD students. If you are a high performing undergraduate or Master’s student, and have a strong desire to undertake a PhD programme at a world class research institution, you could be selected to receive full tuition fees and a generous stipend for a PhD place at Imperial College London.

The Scheme aims to provide up to 50 research students with great potential the opportunity to work within their chosen research field with the support of an excellent supervisor.

The earliest start date for funded places is 1 August 2015.

 If you are a member of Imperial staff looking for information on the scheme see the Research Strategy site.


  1. Successful candidates will receive the following financial support for up to 3.5 years:
    • Full funding for tuition fees
    • A stipend of £20,400 per annum to assist with living costs
    • A consumables fund of £2,000 per annum for the first 3 years of study
  2. Scholars will have access to a programme of career development and cohort activities delivered by a combination of their host department and the Graduate School.
  3. Support will be available to allow a high degree of interaction with other researchers (at other HEIs in the UK and abroad) and research users. This will provide valuable opportunities for networking and collaboration.


  1. Applications are accepted from talented candidates from Imperial College London, the UK and worldwide. There are no restrictions on nationality.
  2. Candidates must be among the highest achievers in their undergraduate cohort, and in receipt of, or due to receive a first class UK degree or equivalent.
  3. Candidates with Master’s qualifications should have achieved a distinction or, where this has yet to have been achieved, be able to provide evidence of high performance that will lead to a distinction. They should also hold a first class UK undergraduate degree or equivalent.
  4. Candidates with degrees from overseas institutions are strongly urged to determine if their scores/grades are equivalent to the relevant eligibility criteria.
  5. Prior to applying candidates must have made contact with a supervisor in an academic department at Imperial College London who has agreed to supervise their research project. Please note that supervisors are only permitted to supervise one scholar at any time. Please review this list of existing supervisors who are not available to supervise a student on this scholarship scheme. Please note: current registered Imperial PhD students are not eligible to be considered for an Imperial College PhD Scholarship. The scheme is only open to new PhD applications.

How to Apply

The Scheme is now open for applications.

You can submit your application for admission to study at Imperial through our online admissions system.

  1. When prompted for a personal statement you must ensure that it consists of approx. 1000 words and outlines your academic and research achievements to date, explaining in brief your planned research project.
  2. You must attach a completed Self-Nomination Form.

Eligible candidates will be advanced to the next review and selection process.

When should I expect a decision on my scholarship application?

Applications put forward for this scholarship scheme will be considered throughout the academic year.

  • Applicants who apply before 31 October 2014 and are awarded a scholarship will be notified by 30 January 2015.
  • Applicants who apply before 31 January 2015 and are awarded a scholarship will be notified by 1 April 2015.
  • Applicants who apply before 7 April 2015 and are awarded a scholarship will be notified by 5 June 2015.

Review and Selection

Applications will be reviewed by a two stage process:

  1. Candidates meeting or predicted to meet the eligibility requirements will be reviewed by the Department to which they have applied. Departments will select a shortlist of the very best candidates to present to the Imperial College Selection Panel for consideration.
  2. The final decision will be made by the Imperial College Selection Panel. The members of the panel are the Vice-Provost (Research) and the Faculty Vice-Deans for Research. The Panel will consider shortlisted candidates from all Faculties. Scholarships will be awarded to the candidates who show the most potential.

Successful candidates will receive written confirmation of their schol arship. Any offer of a PhD place will be conditional on final interview by the Department and (if applicable) on the candidate receiving the predicted qualifications.

Applicants not selected for the scholarship will automatically be considered for the PhD.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme please contact

Further Information

Application Deadline : 7 April 2015

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