France : PhD and PostDoc Positions in DBWeb Team

We are looking for
  • one PhD Student
  • one Postdoc

in the DBWeb Team in the Computer Science Department of the Télécom ParisTech University in Paris to work with Fabian Suchanek.

About us

Télécom ParisTech is an engineering school in Paris. These schools are the more competitive variant of universities in the public education system of France, with student admission ratios of around 5%-10% (see Wikipedia). The school was founded in 1878, and prides itself to have invented the word “telecommunication”. The school is located right in the center of Paris, the capital of France.

Our team is the DBWeb Team, and we do research in Big Data, Knowledge Bases, Social Web, Web Data, and Cognition. In particular, we co-develop the YAGO knowledge base, one of the largest knowledge bases on the Semantic Web. The offered positions are under the supervision of Fabian Suchanek. The research topic should revolve somehow around knowledge bases (KBs), and go into one of the following directions:

  • knowledge representation for KBs
  • rule mining in KBs (see AMIE)
  • mining social trends from news data by help of a KB (see Le Monde project)
  • making a KB self-learning
  • information extraction for KB extension

See here fore previous research work.

The positions are full-time positions that are paid at standard salaries (PhD around 1500 EUR net per month, PostDoc around 2000 EUR net per month). The positions are not bound to an industry grant: There are no deliverables to write, and no software to deliver. The candidates will be able to devote their entire time to research. It is possible, though, to collaborate with industrial partners. We have contacts to several news agencies, for example. It is also possible to teach at our university, which increases the salary.

The starting date is flexible, but should be before the end of 2014.

About you

General prerequisites for joining are

  1. Fluent English
    All work is done exclusively in English.
  2. Solid mathematical education
    • Algebra (you should know what a principle eigenvector is)
    • Logics (you should know how to transform a first order logic formula to CNF)
    • Statistics (you shown know some statistical tests)
    • Probability theory (you should know how to compute the probability of the disjunction of two independent events)
  3. Excellent programming skills, preferably in Java.

    • Style (Are the programs you write for yourself commented?)
    • Data structures (Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of HashMaps vs. TreeMaps?)
    • Regular expressions (Can you write a regex that matches person names?)
  4. Basic knowledge in Ontologies
    Our group is concerned mostly with knowledge bases, so it’s a good idea to know their basics.
  5. Let’s face it: Great grades
    We are looking for ace people. We are looking for people who belong to the top group of their class — and nothing less.


Please send your CV to fabian@thisdomain. A decision will be made around October 2014.

Further Information

Application Deadline : 15 October 2014

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